Abolanle Salami, Harper Alum

My first time at Harper College was a good experience. I migrated from Nigeria with my two kids hoping to get a better life here in America, so I decided to go to school and be the first of my family’s generation to go to college.

I was placed in an ESL class and I loved my instructor, Mrs. Marjorie Allen. She really helped me through my first reading class, and I was so grateful for her kind heart towards my achievement here at Harper. I also enrolled in an Anatomy class, which everyone told me would be difficult, but I summoned the courage to take it anyway. I took the Anatomy class alongside three other classes and, to my surprise, I got a B thanks to the help of my instructor, Kennedy Hyde. He pushed me through and offered support I will never forget. I remember telling him that I was taking Physics 208, Speech 101, and English 101, and he said if I believe in myself then I could excel in every single one of them. It was really tough for me, but I ended up getting 2 A’s and 2 B’s thanks to his support and encouragement.

Having two kids and going to school wasn’t easy. I studied hard and got good grades, and I even made time to join the Women’s Program in 2013, and the One Million Degrees program in 2014, which really helped push me forward in my academic career. I want to thank Sara Chears and Kris Hoffhines for seeing me through every step of the way, Mary Horstman and Julie D’Agostino, for their kind hearts, every instructor that has contributed to my achievement, Financial Aid for helping me find a way to afford my education, and every staff member for making my experience at Harper so memorable.

I will forever be grateful that I came to Harper College. I really appreciate this school from the bottom of my heart, and I hope to continue my journey here if I am able to get into the Nursing program.

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