Changing Seasons…Transitions…What Fall is All About

Fall orientation, students walking in the quad.Daylight Saving ends soon – on November 6.  It’s a good news/bad news kind of thing – we pick up an extra hour of sleep (yeah!) but suffer through the adjustment of fewer daylight hours when sunset arrives so early. 

This time of year is full of other transitions, too.  For parents of current Harper students, November is the month when early (also known as “priority”) registration begins for Spring, 2017. If your student hasn’t yet met with an advisor to consider courses for the next semester, now is the time!  New students were required to attend Orientation and meet with an advisor before registering for their first semester.  Your student needs to schedule his/her own appointment for advising now – ideally before registration begins on November 14.  If your student has any questions about how to schedule an appointment or needs to know who to see for course selection help, please direct him/her to the Center for New Students for assistance.  We’ll provide all the info about options for “second semester” advising.

Are you the parent of a student who’s currently attending another college or university?  It’s not uncommon for students to reconsider their options.  Sometimes, the first semester of college and being away from home is extremely hard – on many levels.  Homesickness, too much freedom, not enough studying, or health issues might surface. Students – and their parents – often find that returning to live at home and attend college locally is the right choice.  Each January, we happily welcome students who may have attended elsewhere in the fall semester and help each student build a plan that makes sense for him/her.  Just want to attend for a semester and head back to a 4-year?  No problem – we can help.  Ready to settle in and explore some career options while staying at home?  Also no problem – we specialize in helping the “undecided” student – in the most cost effective way imaginable. Services and resources are free – and an unlimited amount of educational planning support is just a phone call away. 

Questions? Contact Admissions Outreach at 847.925.6707 or the Center for New Students at 847.925.6208 – we are ready to assist.  

Last Updated: 7/25/22