Loretta Cottrell, Harper Alum

After working for six years and being unable to find a new job, I decided to become a Paralegal and turned to Harper's program. My third semester, I took six classes and was on campus from 8am-9pm Monday through Thursday. There was a woman and a man in three of those classes with me, and we became a tight-knit trio.

The man started joining me in the mornings before our classes began, and we would just sit and chat and do a little studying, and we became fast friends. He graduated with his certificate in Paralegal Studies that December, and I graduated with my Associate’s degree the following May, and we started dating.

He proposed in July of 2015, and we got married in May of 2016. Brian and I owe our married lives to our Contracts, Litigation, and Real Property classes, and are planning on visiting our instructors this summer to let them know how our story unfolded.


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