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Careers in Business Administration

A successful business depends on skilled and efficient administration. Businesses need administrative workers to handle daily operations, monitor inventory, produce reports, manage finances, and provide customer service. Many businesses also require workers with specific skills in fields such as banking, insurance, marketing, real estate, and information technology.

Administrative workers may hold titles such as administrative assistant, information clerk, customer service representative, claims specialist, or marketing research analyst. Some workers with specialized skills may be self-employed or work as consultants. Many administrative workers use computer software to perform their duties.

For example, they may use PowerDMS to manage personnel records or QuickBooks to compile financial reports. They may also use Microsoft Office to create marketing materials or Oracle software to track customer orders. In addition, many administrative workers use Google Calendar and other online tools to schedule appointments and meetings.

By understanding the various roles of administrative workers, you can learn more about how businesses are run and what it takes to be successful in this field.

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Last Updated: 4/8/24