Start a new career.

Choose from hundreds of career-oriented classes at Harper College that give you the skills and credentials you need to begin working in a new career in just two years or as little as 8 weeks.

Save money.

If you attend or plan on attending a four-year school in the fall, two summer classes at Harper can save you up to 3x more money for tuition than your summer part-time job*. That's up to $3,500 in savings* in one summer.

Transfer summer credit back to your home university.

Taking summer classes at Harper College gives you personal access to dedicated instructors so that you can get the attention you need to succeed. Besides, who wants to take a class with 700 other students?

Start early, graduate early.

Continue your studies at Harper over the summer so that you can finish your degree or certificate early and avoid the dreaded "super senior" situation.


If you have any questions regarding summer admissions, email us or stop by the Admissions Outreach Office, Building C, Room C102.

*Tuition savings based on part-time rates per credit hour listed on Harper College, ISU, NIU, DePaul and Roosevelt University websites as of January 5, 2012, and are subject to change without notice. Tuition rates rounded to the nearest hundred. Additional fees and room and board, where available, not included. Work earnings based on $8.25 per hour and a 20-hour work week over 8 weeks. Estimated taxes based on a minimum 10% federal and 5% Illinois state tax rate.