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What are Start Smart classes?

For many students, the transition to college can be challenging.  Start Smart classes are designed to help students in this transition by addressing many of the common “new student” concerns and to ensure that students receive all the support they might need.  Start Smart courses are taught by experienced faculty who care about new students and know exactly how to provide support AND inspire – at the same time.

Start Smart Students:

  • Learn about the college experience with other new students.
  • Benefit from having a counselor and a librarian assigned to their Start Smart class.
  • Develop skills to succeed in their major and career and/or take time to explore their options.
  • Map out their academic plan from start to finish!

Start Smart Options

Start Smart classes are organized according to specific themes to suit many student interests. Review the Start Smart options below. At Orientation, new students will meet with an advisor to discuss their educational plan and determine the best Start Smart option.

Spring 2018


If you are undecided about your major, this is the perfect course for you.  You will connect your life goals with career options and design a plan for your future.

FYS101-001, CRN 64884, 3 credits, MW 9:30am-10:45am. Instructor: Dallianis, Megan

Special Populations/Situations

The responsibilities of college can make it difficult to balance school, work, family and social activities. High levels of stress can lead to academic struggles and unhealthy vices. Success over Stress can help you mange stress and increase happiness in the first semester of college and throughout life.

FYS101-B65, CRN 66897, 3 credits, W 2:00pm 3:30pm. Instructor: Whalen, Stephanie.
(Late-start/blended section meets Wednesdays, 2/14- 5/16)

Practical Psychology

Presents a practical application of the psychological principles of motivation, mindset, goal setting, time management, self-regulation, memory, information processing, concentration, attention, lecture and textbook note-taking, text comprehension, study strategies, test preparation, test taking, test anxiety, and career personality traits that lead to effectiveness in students’ personal, academic, and career pursuits. This course does not meet Social Science requirements; it is a Group 6 elective for the AA and AS degree programs.

PSY106-001, CRN 61408, 3 credits, MW 9:30am 10:45am. Instructor: Kulchawik, Judy

This course provides an overview of the American education system and the profession of teaching. Includes an exploration of career opportunities, licensure requirements for teachers and teacher aides, as well academic planning for both transfer and career.

EDU201-001, CRN 60875, 3 credits, MW 9:30am 10:45am. Instructor: Lombardi, Jeannine

EDU201-002, CRN 60877, 3 credits, TR 9:30am 10:45am. Instructor: Hill, Emily

EDU201-003, CRN 60878, 3 credits, TR 12:30pm 1:45pm. Instructor: Hill, Emily

Introduces students to skills fundamental to two-dimensional visual organization. Explores elements such as line, shape and color, and principles such as unity, balance and variation. Provides a foundation for all areas of art and design. Start Smart Program sections include exploration, discussion, and advising for transfer and careers in all areas of art and design.

ART121-001, CRN 60818, 3 credits, MW 9:30am 12:10pm. Instructor: Peot, Jason