Compare College Tuition

With Harper's affordable tuition, you can earn your first two years at Harper, transfer credits to a university and save big bucks on your bachelor's degree. This table compares Harper's tuition to other schools:

Institution Savings
 Harper College $2,862 / 24 Credit Hrs.
 Northwestern University SAVE $44,000 /year
 DePaul University  SAVE $32,000 /year
 Elmhurst College SAVE $31,000 /year
 University of Illinois-Champaign SAVE $28,000 /year
 Olivet Nazarene University SAVE $29,000/year
 Purdue University ** SAVE $26,000 /year
 Roosevelt University SAVE $24,000 /year
 University of Iowa ** SAVE $23,000 /year
 Northwood University SAVE $19,000 /year
 Argosy University - Schaumburg SAVE $11,000 /year
 DeVry University   SAVE $8,500 /year
 Northern Illinois University SAVE $6,500 /year
 Illinois State University SAVE $5,500 /year
 Northeastern Illinois University SAVE $5,000 /year
 Western Illinois University SAVE $4,000 /year

* Based on full-time (12 credit hours per semester) student tuition as listed on individual colleges' websites; visit college websites for more details. Prices listed as of April 1, 2016, are subject to change without notice.

** Based on out-of-state tuition costs.