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Third Party Billing

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Third party billing is available for those students whose employers will pay for their tuition and fees** regardless of their grades or class attendance.

If your tuition will be paid for by a third party, you must obtain either a voucher or request an authorized party from your employer submit an email indicating the third party's willingness to be billed for your classes. The email must include the student's name, address, Harper ID number if available and billing instructions on how the invoice should be submitted. A new voucher or authorization is required each term and can be emailed to businessoffice@harpercollege.edu by your personalized payment due date to ensure you will not be dropped from your classes.

  • Upon receipt of the Third Party Billing authorization the college will directly bill the company for the student's current term tuition and fees**.
  • The college does not monitor the student's grades or class attendance. It is the student's responsibility to furnish his employer with any information regarding attendance or grades.
  • If for any reason the third party defaults on payment, the charges will be reinstated on the student's account and payment will become the responsibility of the student.

If you are eligible for tuition reduction due to employment in district, agreements with other schools or businesses, or other adjustments, please allow up to one hour for processing.

If you participate in College Illinois, Florida Pre-Pay, or Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan please complete this form. It is recommended to complete the form 24 hours prior to registration so it will be calculated into the amount due.  If the student does not complete the form prior to the personalized payment due date the courses will be removed. The student is responsible for any charges that will not be covered by the plan and should also check with the Harper Business Office whenever schedule changes are made. This form must be completed every semester that the student attends.

Please note: Harper College cannot reimburse College Illinois tuition or fee payments made in previous academic years.

Harper College does accept other 529 plans for the payment of student tuition, however students must contact the 529 Plan Institution to request payment to be sent to the Business Office.  When enrolling for credit classes, students will receive a personalized payment due date.  Students are required to make arrangements for payment by their personalized payment due date.  The following options are to accommodate for students with other 529 plans that are not listed in the section above (e.g. Bright Directions, Black Rock, and College Choice).

Option 1: Payment in Full (Get reimbursed once we receive payment).
Option 2: Set up a payment plan (Get reimbursed but you will not receive the $35 enrollment fee back).
Option 3: Provide confirmation of requested funds to the Harper Business Office by emailing businessoffice@harpercollege.edu.  Please include student name and Harper ID number in the email. Please be sure to remove any personal information such as social security numbers and any bank account numbers from the documentation provided.

Examples of documentation:

  1. A copy of the confirmation page once the funds are requested online.  On the confirmation page it lists the beneficiary name which is the student.  It gives the amount requested and who the funds are being sent to.
  2. Some agencies will send a letter to the school or student giving the reference number.
  3. A forwarded email from the agency with confirmation of the withdrawal.

If your employer will be reimbursing you for your tuition, you must pay your account in full or set up a payment plan by the payment due date and submit the receipts to your employer.

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