Past Due Balances

Past Due Balance Holds

Students can be subject to a 'Past Due Balance' hold if their student account meets one of the following criteria:

  • They owe a balance for any semester prior to the current term.
  • Their payment plan for the current semester is inactive or is repeatedly missing payments.
  • They have a remaining balance on the current semester after the midterm period.

A 'Past Due Balance' hold has the following effects:

  • Prevents students from registering for and dropping classes
  • Prevents students from receiving/viewing transcripts
  • Prevents students from receiving/viewing grades

A 'Past Due Balance' hold can be removed by completing one of the following:

  • By paying off the outstanding balance in full
  • By setting up a 'Past Due Balance Payment Plan' with the Business Office
    • If you set up a payment plan, the first payment must post to your student account before we are able to manually remove the hold.
    • If the payment has posted to your student account and the hold is still on please contact the Business Office to have it removed.

Past Due Balances can be paid in full online through the My Harper Student Portal by going to the 'Finances' page and selecting the 'Pay in Full' icon, or in person in Bulding A Room 214 during normal business hours.  If you pay with a personal check the hold will not be removed for 10 business days to ensure the payment clears.

If a student cannot afford to pay the past due balance in full, Harper College offers a Delinquent Payment Plan.  These payments plans are only available by student request.  Students can request that a Delinquent Payment Plan link be emailed to them by contacting the Business Office by one of the following methods:

Phone:  (847) 925-6880
On Campus:  Building A, Room 214 (see hours above)

When setting up the Delinquent Payment Plan, students are able to choose whether they will use 3 or 4 installments.  The first installment is an immediate down payment along with a $35 enrollment fee.  The remaining installments are processed on the 20th of each month.

All Past Due Balances that remain outstanding one month after the end of the semester where the balance was accrued are subject to be sent to a collections agency and any cost by the collection agency will be the responsibility of the student.