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FERPA and the Harper Business Office

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student's educational records. FERPA also applies to the student's financial records. In accordance with the FERPA regulation, the Harper College Business Office is required to have the student's permission in order to release account information.

If a parent/guardian/spouse/etc. contacts our office with questions regarding a student's account, details of the account cannot be released without a valid FERPA release on file. This includes account balance, payment history, and specific charge information.

More information on FERPA

FERPA Release Methods

These FERPA Releases are specific to the Business Office only. Other offices at Harper College may require different FERPA Releases.

  1. Long Term FERPA Release: This occurs when a student sets up another individual as an authorized party in QuikPay.  This authorization gives access to payment/charge account related information only for the entire time the student is at Harper College.  A student may remove an authorized party at any time to revoke their payment/charge access. Please see Parents, Guardians, Authorized Payers.
  2. Short Term FERPA Release: This occurs when a student lists another individual on their e-Cashier payment plan as a Responsible or Authorized Party.  This gives access to payment/charge account access only for the semester the payment plan is valid.
Last Updated: 6/18/24