Spring 2020 No-Harm Grading Policy

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Harper College is offering a no-harm grading option for spring 2020 courses ending March 16 to May 15. 

Grades will be posted Friday, May 29, 2020 and faculty will grade as they usually do: A, B, C, D or X (for incomplete). F grades will now become NP for No-Grade Pandemic.

After receiving grades, you can switch any grade of A, B, C or D as follows:

  • A, B, or C grades can become P grades, for pass.
    • P grades are not counted in your GPA.
    • The credits are counted for courses with a P grade.
  • D grades can become an NP.
    • These do not count in your GPA.
    • This course will need to be retaken if it is required for your program or transfer.
  • All grade changes need to be complete by Monday, June 15, 2020.

Your advisor can help you determine whether switching to a P/NP is the right option for you.

Students in Health Career Programs must adhere to the grading policies in the Health Career Program Handbook. You should check with your faculty members if you have questions, as grade changes are not always possible.

  • Students can view grades on MyHarper.
  • Grades are posted to the student academic record at the end of each term, based on when the class ends.
  • Final grade point average is not calculated until the end of the 16 week semester.
  • Grade Forgiveness Policy

Grade Points

Grade points are numerical values which indicate the scholarship level of the letter grades. Grade points are assigned according to the following scale:

Grade Significance Grade Point
A Superior 4.0
B Good 3.0
C Average 2.0
D Poor 1.0
F Failure .0
FG F Grade Forgiven .0
H Audit .0
IP In Progress .0
N Non-attendance (discontinued after Summer 1982) .0
NP No Pass .0
NR No grade submitted by instructor .0
P Pass .0
W Withdrawal .0
X Incomplete .0


The following classes are not computed in the semester cumulative grade point average:

  • Communication Skills - all courses
  • English as a Second Language - all courses
  • All P graded courses

Coursework with an R designation after the grade indicates that the course is a developmental course (AR, BR, CR, DR, etc) not included in grade point average.

Course worth with a V designation after the grade indicates that the course is a vocational skills course (AV, BV, CV, DV, etc) not included in grade point average.

CRD - Miscellaneous credit - AP, CLEP or Proficiency credit - not included in grade point average.

NP - For Spring 2020 only, the NP designation on the transcript indicates No Grade - Pandemic due to COVID-19.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is designated with a T followed by a letter grade of A, B, C, D. Only the credit hours are accepted. Prior to Spring 2009, transfer credit is designated with a T grade.

Academic Standing will be processed at the end of each semester.

Incomplete Grades

A student may be assigned a grade of X for unfinished work in a course provided the work was incomplete because of circumstances deemed to be unavoidable or uncontrollable (to be determined by the instructor). The work to be completed will be assigned by the instructor. The unfinished work must be satisfactorily completed by the midterm of the following 16-week semester. Failure to do so will result in a grade of F. In certain courses such as open entry courses, it is necessary to meet the instructor deadline specified in the contract for that class.