College-Bound Seniors: May Checklist

springMay is a BIG month.

Sunday is May 1, a.k.a. Decision Day 2016 for many colleges and universities around the country. Have you and your student made your final decision yet? If so, congratulations--but it's not time to kick back and relax just yet!

Here are four tips to keep you on track:

  • You usually need to make your final decision about which college to attend by May 1 and send in all paperwork necessary to complete the process.
  • Once you have made your decision, notify other colleges to which you have been accepted that you have chosen a different institution. It's not just the courteous thing to do--it might also get them to stop sending you emails and postcards and letters to still try to convince you to come. You might even save a tree or two.
  • If you are placed on a waiting list for the college or university you wish to attend, don't just wait to hear back from them: Notify the college that you are still interested in being accepted.
  • Look for information about attending orientation from the college you decided to attend. Students typically register for first semester classes during orientation.
  • Register for a summer college course at Harper to earn additional college credit before you begin your freshman year at college, no matter where you go.