How Your High School Graduate Student Can Become a Registered Apprentice

Students from an Apprenticeship Cohort

For the new high school graduate, an apprenticeship at Harper College consists of both a job and enrollment into a specific associate in applied science degree.  The apprentice earns a salary and benefits at a company but the employer pays for their college education. This “earn and learn” model is designed for employees to continue a life-long career in their chosen occupational field.

Best of all, the apprenticeship educational component provided by Harper College is an AAS degree that seamlessly transfers to universities or colleges when the student is ready to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Those interested in one of Harper College’s Registered Apprenticeship programs can visit the website and begin the admission process by submitting an Interest Form.

To enroll in the Harper Registered Apprenticeship programs that lead to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, candidates must first be college-ready. Admissions will determine readiness either through recent ACT/SAT scores or the Harper College placement exam.

The Harper Office of Apprenticeship assists the potential apprentice throughout this process. These students will complete an application and a resume. If a student doesn’t have a resume, he or she may contact Harper’s Job Replacement Resource Center for resume and interview assistance.

Candidate applications and resumes are sent to employers who are interested in hiring an apprentice. Interview procedures will be left to the discretion of employers and candidates. Employers will follow their  regular hiring procedure and conduct interviews. Those hired are enrolled in a Registered Apprenticeship program and must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to remain in the program.

The Registered Apprenticeship office registers apprentices for all courses. Apprentices attend a special orientation, all course books and mandatory coaching and tutoring (as necessary) are provided to them. Throughout the program, Harper’s Apprenticeships’ office keeps the employer informed of the apprentices’ academic progress.

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Last Updated: 6/30/22