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2020 Student Elections

Cast a your vote in the 2020 student elections. Voting is open March 31 to April 2 on your MyHarper Student Portal.


  • Student Trustee to the Board of Trustees
  • Student Government Association Executive

Student Trustee to the Board of Trustees

What is the Student Trustee?

  • Plays a Unique Role: Each year, one (1) Student Trustee is elected at Harper College to play a unique role as a member of the Board of Trustees.
  • Works in Campus Governance: The Harper College Board of Trustees gives the Student Trustee the opportunity to play a significant part in the governance of the institution.
  • Is a Voice for the Student Body: The status offers maximum opportunity for student views and concerns to be heard and discussed at the Board level.
  • Impacts Change: This has impact, not only on the operational aspect of the College, but also on the broad policies of the institution.

Candidates for Student Trustee and their Personal Statements:

Karilynn Samuelson imageI am submitting my candidacy for the 2020 – 2021 Student Trustee position with the resolution to help promote greater involvement in Harper College’s community by the students and to strengthen the services provided by Harper College for its students. I will be honored to be a part of the process of shaping Harper College for the future by being a strong voice for the student body at the Board of Trustee meetings. The students at Harper College need to be represented by a fellow student who is committed to improving the Harper College community and the environment in the long run, who is a diligent and hard worker, and who is a strong communicator. I am that student. I am committed to being the best voice for the student body to the Board of Trustees.

My passion for improving student’s time at Harper College has been rooted in my experience working in the Student Involvement office. My time as a student aid in the Student Involvement office has given me many opportunities to work with clubs, students, and administrators at Harper College. I have seen how important it is for students to have many avenues to be involved in their own college experience, as well as, the importance of student services to help each student reach their academic and personal goals. It has been my time in this area of Harper that has led to my strong desire to serve as the advisory vote for the student body, and the belief that I am the best candidate for the position.

I have a passion for solving problems and working through any issue from all sides to get to the best outcome. I believe that on any topic presented by the Board of Trustees I will be the best candidate to research the topic, gather student feedback, and communicate the results to the board concisely and professionally. I will take all the necessary steps to set a goal and follow through when advocating to the board on behalf of the student body. I am passionate about working with the student body, student government, clubs and organizations, student services, student affairs, and Board of Trustees to further Harper College as a distinguished community college and cultivate the best environment for students to thrive not only academically but personally and professionally as well.

Dylan Hildebrand imageI’m Dylan, and I’m running for Student Trustee to fight for you.

Since arriving in Illinois, Harper College has become a second home to me. After losing my parents in Nevada, I had to support myself in poverty as a K-6 computer teacher at age 17. That job instilled in me a passion for education, communication, and local government.

As a K-12 tutor and President of Math Club at Harper, I absorb and break down concepts to make them accessible to anyone. I’ve also won team debates at the national level by only using arguments we truly believed in, and I currently coach our debate team on how to do the same. I’m passionate about empowering Harper’s students to speak up for what matters to them. When I leave Harper, I’ll be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, Political Science, and Education. In the meantime, I’d like to work for you.

How I’ve fought for the student body so far:

I was one of two members of Student Government to vote against tuition increase. I’m currently brokering a compromise limiting tuition increase when the next recession hits.

I lobbied the administration to work on reducing and eliminating the cost of textbooks for gen. ed. classes.

I’ve pushed Student Government to focus primarily on student feedback, including more available student parking spots, better security for nighttime students, and strong student worker rights.

My promises while fighting for you next year:

I promise to always listen to and seek out feedback from the student body, using my best judgment and knowledge of your experiences to make your case to the Board.

I promise to fight for the best interests of all students and use my voice only for what I believe is right as your representative.

I promise to never personally benefit from this position by sacrificing my integrity and my promises to you.

I would be incredibly grateful for your vote. If elected Student Trustee, I will fight for you, because I care about you and the entire Harper College community.

Watch candidate video responses to questions



Student Government Association Executive Board

Candidates for Student Government Association Executive Board and their Personal Statements

Candidates for the SGA Executive Board are running together on a single ticket. The members of this voting ticket are listed below.

Beck Masi imageHello, my name is Beck Masi and I am running to be President of the Student Government Association. I am a freshman here at Harper, and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and my story. When I was in high school, I knew that there was so much more I could be doing. The time I spent often felt wasted, and I grew tired of the monotony of drifting from class to class. I was always charged with ideas and stayed engaged, but I had no place to put my ideas into the world at my own design.

But going to Harper changed all of that

My success at Harper is not measured by just a grade, but rather living a life that I can believe in. Since I have been here, I have become more active in the community. I volunteer on weekends for local nature conservation and land restoration. I also serve on two separate committees that devise plans for the future of the school. But most importantly, I am the current Secretary of Leadership and Service here for the Student Government Association.

Being a member of the Student Government, there is an emphasis on making a difference. As it stands, this past month I have already worked on assisting those in need. In March, we raised over 200 dollars for those affected by Hurricane Dorian through a fundraiser that I organized. I have also sponsored resolutions regarding parking garage spots, halting direct raises of tuition, and had a hand in creating many other documents for change.

As President I have various plans for the next year surrounding fair textbook pricing, campus safety, and inclusion efforts. But my biggest plans are concerning environmentalism on campus. As we speak, I am working to get a compost on a bigger scale for anyone to access here at Harper. I have heard the concerns to make our school more green, and it is the time now to do our part in reducing our own waste.

A vote for me, Beck Vito Masi, is a vote dedicated to upholding the values of diversity, integrity, and communal prosperity to Harper college. Thank you.

Husna Ali imageHi, my name is Husna Ali and I am running for the Vice President position of Student Government. Growing up, I had always dreamed of helping others and making a difference in their lives. Upon entering high school, I further pursued my passion and began volunteering at the hospital. While devoting my time weekly, I understood the importance of giving back to the community, attained a skill set in working with my peers, and continued to make a difference. Today, I am still volunteering bi-weekly, through the Pharmacy Department. I plan on becoming a Pharmacist and am looking forward to further improving my skill set and helping the community.

My passion continued with me throughout my college journey. Prior to Student Government, I have started the UNICEF Club on campus. UNICEF is an international, non-profit organization that advocates for women and children in attaining their basic needs. Through my experience as the President, I have led the students, collaborated with other organizations, and brought together a community through volunteering service and education.

This year, I have been a part of the Student Government and currently serve as the Secretary of Diversity and Inclusion. Along with the help from Harper Wellness, we have brought a mental health initiative on campus known as Fresh Check Day. Fresh Check Day focuses on mental health awareness and suicide prevention. This event will not only create an opportunity for students to gather and build connections, but also emphasize the importance of this topic and share resources to further spread awareness.

As your Vice President, I will strive to bridge the gap between students in order to create a more inclusive environment. I believe that every student should feel welcomed and find their own community within Harper. One of the changes I would like to bring is a collaborative effort with Access and Disability Services (ADS). By conducting an accessibility check for every event on campus, that will create a more welcoming environment, and potentially increase engagement from students and staff. Additionally, I would like to host educational seminars and events on important issues, such as increasing safety measures for students or finding ways to make Harper more environmentally friendly.

Through my experiences, I have learned how to efficiently lead others, facilitate projects through communication and organization, and problem solve in a creative fashion. With your vote, I will continue to uphold these values as your Vice President, and heed to the concerns of the community, while factoring in the voice of the student body.

Antonio Fornarelli imageHello everyone my name is Antonio Fornarelli and I am running to be the Treasurer in the Student Government Association. Although I am new to Student Government, I believe that my skills and past experiences will help me become a good leader.

My best skills all come from my long time commitments to playing sports for the majority of my life. Football no doubt has had one of the largest effects on me and has shaped who I am today. The sport forced me into situations that made me adapt and learn to succeed against adversity. Alongside fighting odds that are not in your favor, I also learned the value of teamwork. Getting others to focus and pull themselves together has made the difference between losing and winning a game. Although those were just games, It has made me a better person and I learned to work harder.

As Treasurer, I hope to bring the same mindset to my new responsibility in this position. I hope to support students and be adaptable to their needs, whether it comes to finances, safety, or anything else that the student body might ask of us.

Although I might be new to Student Government, I promise to do my best to provide for the community that is here at Harper



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