Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service

AC and refrigeration service

This 29 credit-hour certificate program is designed to provide students the skill set to perform preventative maintenance, service and repairs on residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Emphasis is placed on practical application to perform system diagnostics and develop troubleshooting techniques.


Required Credits
ELT 110: Introductory Electronics 4
ELT 144: AC and DC Motors 2
ELT 145: Variable Frequency Drives 2
HVA 101: Refrigeration Fundamentals 3
HVA 102: Refrigeration Systems 3
HVA 105: Heating and Cooling Controls 3
HVA 106: Pneumatic Controls Systems 3
HVA 107: Commercial Air Conditioning Systems 3
HVA 108: Domestic Refrigeration Appliances 3
MTH 0971: Basic Technical Mathematics 3
Total Credits 29
1Students may take MTH080, MTH 097, MTH 101, MTH 103, or higher  

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