This 19 credit-hour certificate program focuses on residential comfort systems and installation. In addition to learning maintenance and repairs of residential heating and cooling systems, the certificate is designed to provide the students the basic concepts of duct design, sheet metal fabrication and equipment selection to improve indoor air quality. Emphasis is placed on the planning, installation and start up procedure of residential HVAC systems.


Required Credits
ELT 110: Introductory Electronics 4
HVA 101: Refrigeration Fundamentals 3
HVA 103: Heating Principles 3
HVA 104: Residential Comfort Systems 3
HVA 105: Heating and Cooling Controls 3
MTH 0971: Basic Technical Mathematics 3
Total Credits 19
1Students may take MTH080, MTH 097, MTH 101, MTH 103, or higher  

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