Five Questions to Ask Your College Recruiter

How's that short list of college or universities coming along? What do you really know about them? Info from their website…comments from friends, neighbors, older brothers or sisters…mom or dad? The most important thing to remember in selecting the right campus for YOU is to ask your own questions. Here are five good ones to ask the next college recruiter you talk to:

Students WalkingWhen can I visit campus? Can I talk to current students?

Often, campus tours or "visit days" are big productions–in a big group. Find out when you will have time to ask your questions and when you’ll get a chance to talk to students who currently attend that college or university. At Harper, Admissions Outreach is available to you to provide personalized tours and to answer any of your “getting started” questions. Feel free to set up a campus tour or come to the next Open House.


four students walking with books and book bagsWhere can I find information about campus safety?

No matter where you go, you want assurances that the campus community is safe and that security measures are in place with your safety in mind. Many campuses provide this info in the form of “consumer information” on their websites, but it’s a good idea to ask a recruiter directly. If you want someone to walk you to your car or dorm–for any reason–can you get an escort?  


hired! post-it with a dart through itTell me about job placement and hiring after graduation.

Where do students end up? Most college or universities have a Job Placement Resource Center–a wonderful resource where you can get assistance with internships, job searches and building your résumé. 



basket of vegetablesHow's the food?

You won't know how important this is until 12:30 p.m. on a Thursday and you've got 30 minutes before your next class. When you visit a campus, be sure you should check out available food options for yourself. Do the options and offerings meet your needs? Do you like the food? Are you able to pick up quick bites all around campus?  

man helping a studentWho's going to help me pick my major, register for classes and build a schedule?

At Harper, we pride ourselves in meeting with new students individually for advising. Not. In. Groups. We know you have questions and concerns…and we want to talk to you and build your plan…and help you with anything that might be on your mind. That’s what happens in Orientation. Be sure to ask recruiters how this process works at any school you’re considering. You deserve one-to-one time to talk about your life and your future.

Do you have a suggestion to add to my list? Let me know what you think! See you at the Open House--and maybe at Harper in the future--as a new student!

Dr. Vicki