Why "Taking Classes" Should Be the Answer to "What Are You Doing This Summer?"

orientation leadersMeet Ali Farney

I've been a Harper student for the past two years (This fall, I'm headed off to Iowa State: Go Cyclones!). As an Orientation Leader helping new Harper students, I've heard a lot of conversations between parents and students--especially when it comes to “What are you doing this summer?” 

Regardless of your student's plans for the fall, summer enrollment at a community college makes sense. Here are my "top three" reasons to take classes over the summer:

  • Do the math. Taking a course or two at a community college in the summer saves money. Tuition is significantly lower than many four-year institutions, and credits transfer well.
  • Ease into college-life. While a long summer break sounds appealing, it’s hard to get back into the groove of “school” after three months away from it. Getting a head start on college makes sense because students can still balance school with all of the summer fun.
  • One course in summer = lighter load in fall. Get a general education course out of the way or try a course in an area that you’re curious about. Believe me, it makes a big difference if you don't have to take something like BIO101 along with the rest of your first-semester classes!

If you and your student live in Harper's district, check out the classes offered this summer.