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Harper College

Cybersecurity Support Specialist Certificate

Certificate program requirements

Pending HLC approval. This 16 credit-hour certificate program provides students with experience collecting data for compliance and auditing and the operation of defensive systems. These courses will help students prepare for the CompTIA ITF+, Network+, Security+ and ISACA CISM certification exams and qualify for entry-level jobs as a collections manager, intel and ops planner, and cyber operator.


Number Course Title Credits
CIS 106 1 3

Description:  Provides students with a comprehensive introduction to computer programming using a currently popular programming language. Includes program logic, program structure, subroutines/functions/methods, variables, conditions, loops, arrays, files/data access, and object-oriented programming. A variety of programs are created throughout the course.

Prerequisite: Math placement into MTH 101 or higher. mathplacement.php

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

NET 101 1

Description:  Provides an overview of the cybersecurity industry and the different careers and work roles in the field. Learn the major skills and knowledge required for cybersecurity professions and associate employment skills and knowledge sets to specific classes in the Harper College Cybersecurity AAS Degree and certificate programs. Covers issues facing the cybersecurity industry, cybersecurity professional organizations, and industry credentials. Includes cybersecurity workforce competencies, review of academic degrees, certificates, and credentials. Covers navigating the college environment, learning and academic strategies, and career development.

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

NET 105 3

Description:  Provides students with the skills required to identify and explain the basics of computing, IT, infrastructure, application and software, software development, database fundamentals and security. Contains basic computer maintenance and support principles. Includes computer science related topics including programming concepts and principles of software development and database design. Aligns to the CompTIA IT (ITF+) Fundamentals certification.

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

NET 121 3

Description:  Provides students with hands-on experience implementing and maintaining computer networks. Includes networking standards, architecture, models, protocols, operations, security and troubleshooting using current network operating systems. Introduces IP addressing and Ethernet fundamentals. Course prepares students to build simple local area networks (LANs) that integrate IP addressing schemes and foundational network security. Aligns to the CompTIA Network+ certification.

Prerequisite: CIS 101, NET 105, or WEB 110 with a grade of C or better. NET 105 can be taken concurrently with NET 121.

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

NET 280 3

Description:  Provides students with a hands-on foundation of essential cybersecurity concepts, principles, trends, practices, technologies, and compliance. Includes topics related to threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, risk, emerging technologies, security architecture and design, identity, and access management, risk management, cryptography, and secure communications. Aligns to the CompTIA Security+ Certification.

Prerequisite: NET 121 or NET 122 with a grade of C or better.

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

NET 282 3

Description:  Provides students with an overview of the critical aspects of cybersecurity governance, risk management, and compliance. Equips students with knowledge of current cybersecurity laws, regulations, and best practices. Explores various frameworks and standards used in information security management. Covers regulatory acts. Includes active monitoring techniques and security auditing, compliance, and network monitoring tools. Aligns to the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager Certification.

Prerequisite: NET280 with a grade of C or better.

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

1 - The prerequisite for CIS 106 is placement into MTH 101 or higher.

Last Updated: 4/8/24