World Cup Buffet, Nanotech Explained

This summer's World Cup matches are so close, Harper College students can almost taste them. And they will.


World Cup Buffet

This summer's World Cup matches are so close, Harper College students can almost taste them. And they will. For two of the scheduled 1 p.m. games - the Thursday, June 17 matchup between France and Mexico and the Wednesday, June 23 game between Ghana and Germany - students in the College's culinary program will concoct a cornucopia of dishes inspired by the competing countries, serving up some serious spirit for the once-every-four-years soccer series. The foods - appetizers, entrees and desserts - will be dished out at a free buffet to those viewing the games in Harper's Student Center. The large television in Harper's Student Center, above the fireplace on the main floor of Building A, will air the games; they'll also be broadcast elsewhere on campus. "The countries involved in these early matchups should make for a truly interesting combination of foods," Hospitality Management Professor Pat Beach says. "This is a great, timely way to showcase the culinary techniques of our students." Potential dishes include jollof rice and yams (Ghana), sauerbraten (Germany), a multilayered taco dish (Mexico) and summer greens with vinaigrette (France). In the past, students have gathered informally to watch World Cup games on Harper's TVs. This year, faculty across campus opted to make the series a little more fun. In addition to the free buffets, Harper German Club students plan to gather for the June 23 match, and more activities are in the works, says Eric Bohman of Harper's English as a Second Language Program, one of the organizers. "There is a growing interest in the World Cup in this country, but its popularity is unmatched worldwide," Bohman says, noting that some members of Harper's increasingly diverse student population - which draws from several World Cup countries - are particularly vested in the games' outcome. "You can see their enthusiasm, and it's hard to not be swept up in it. Now, the Harper community can share in the experience."


Media Note: Culinary students will prepare the buffets the morning of the scheduled games. Reporters and photographers are welcome. For the best photo opportunity times, contact Erin Brooks, Media Relations Specialist, 847.925.6159,


Nanotech Explained

Nanotechnology - a science that relies on intricate magnifications - impacts a wide variety of fields, from electronics and pharmaceuticals to textiles and agriculture. It's so big many believe it will produce thousands of jobs and play a key role in the next industrial revolution. The problem: few have any idea what it truly is. With an eye on offering an explanation, Harper College is hosting an all-day "Nanotechnology for Educators" workshop geared toward helping teachers understand the science and its applications. "It is critically important that educators, who have a role in shaping the careers of tomorrow's technicians and engineers, have a better understanding of nanotechnology and its far-reaching opportunities across chemistry, physics and biology," says Sam Levenson, who heads up Harper's nanotech program. "Otherwise, we risk losing out on the competitive opportunities that are available within the field." The free workshop, expected to draw several dozen science teachers from local districts and across the state, will teach participants about the growing applications of nanotechnology in multiple industries and provide an overview and demonstrations of basic nanotechnology processes. The Tuesday, June 22 event is hosted by Harper in conjunction with the Penn State Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization and the National Science Foundation National Center for Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge. In 2008, Harper launched the state's first nanotechnology associate degree program. Since then, the program has expanded to allow students the option to work side-by-side with researchers in a University of Minnesota laboratory and the chance to seamlessly transfer to colleges like Northern Illinois University and the Illinois Institute of Technology to complete a bachelor degree in the field. Harper also has partnered with the College of Lake County to offer the associate of applied science degree in nanotechnology to Lake County residents for in-district tuition rates. Nanotechnology has a role in dozens of new products, from mold-resistant food containers and stain-resistant clothing to microscopic "nanobombs" that kill malignant cancer cells. The Harper nanotech workshop will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 22 (lunch is included) in Room Y203E of Harper's Avanté Center on the main campus. To RSVP or for more, visit

Media Note: Reporters are welcome to attend the event, which will include live demos. Contact Erin Brooks, Media Relations Specialist, 847.925.6159,

Inside 'Avatar'

For her role in the Academy Award-winning movie "Avatar," actress Julene Renee slipped into a leotard covered in special sensors and donned a skull cap that monitored her mouth and eyes - all part of the motion capture technology that helped make the film so real. Renee will talk more about that high-end technology and offer other behind-the-scenes stories from the film during a Harper College appearance at 7:30 p.m. Monday, June 14. Tickets to the event, held in the College's Performing Arts Center, are $9 for general admission, with discounts for students and seniors. Renee, formerly a competitive gymnast, was a dancer in another James Cameron film, "Titanic," before landing a role in "Avatar" and serving as a model for its Na'vi creatures. At her Harper appearance, she'll explain how "Avatar" - the top-grossing movie of all time - incorporated technology more akin to high-end videogames than usual Hollywood productions, and talk about her own background as a dancer, gymnast and improvisational actress. Renee has appeared in several television shows; voiced the "Biggles" characters on PBS' "Kidsongs;" and appeared in other films like "Polar Express." For tickets to her talk or for more information, call 847.925.6100 or visit

Media Note: A high-resolution image of Renee working alongside James Cameron is available.

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Parent Orientation

Summer orientation programs for new college students are the norm - but students aren't always the only ones needing guidance. Harper College this summer is hosting a record six parent orientation sessions - enough to accommodate nearly 1,000 attendees - geared toward moms and dads of incoming students. The College added an extra session this year to keep pace with growing demand for the program, which walks parents through career trends, financial aid options, transfer opportunities, and on-campus support services for their student. The program also allows parents to hear from students regarding how they can ensure a smooth transition for their student from high school to college. "For many parents, this is really their first opportunity to fully understand what life on Harper's campus is like and what opportunities and resources are out there," says Director of New Student Programs Vicki Atkinson, who oversees the parent orientation program. "Particularly in the case of students coming to us straight from high school, this process involves a transition for both them and their parent. It's hard to see your child off to college, and it helps to know what they can expect, what you can expect as their mom or dad, and how all of you can work together to ensure success at the college level." Parent orientations are common on four-year campuses, but more unusual at two-year schools. Harper also offers a just-for-parents blog and a parent e-newsletter. To RSVP or for more info, call 847.925.6346, email or visit

Media Note: To attend an orientation or speak with parents or Harper experts, contact Erin Brooks, Media Relations Specialist, 847.925.6159 or


Harper Golf Open

The Harper College Educational Foundation will host its annual Golf Open on Monday, June 14 at the Inverness Golf Club, 102 N. Roselle Road in Palatine. The event, a fundraiser for student programming and scholarships, includes 18 holes of golf, lunch, a cocktail reception, an awards banquet and buffet dinner for $500. Those who don't wish to golf can attend the cocktail reception, banquet and buffet dinner for $125. Various levels of sponsorships are available. The Open also will feature a raffle (prizes include free rounds of golf) and a live auction for 2010 Cubs. vs. Cardinals and Sox vs. Cubs tickets. All proceeds benefit Harper's Resource for Excellence Fund, which bolsters the College with programming, scholarships and other support where it's most needed, in accordance with community needs. "Today, in the face of decreased state funding and an increased demand for community college services, we are even more grateful for the support we receive from our community through events like this one," says Catherine Brod, Executive Director of the Harper College Educational Foundation. "Our Golf Open is another wonderful opportunity to come together for the purpose of championing our students." The Open will kick off with a 10 a.m. registration and free golf clinic. The shotgun start is at 11:30 a.m. To attend, purchase raffle tickets, become a sponsor or make a donation, call 847.925.6490 or visit

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Photo Opportunities

Event: InZone summer kids camp. Courses include fishing, cooking, film and fashion options.

Date: Mondays-Thursdays from June 7 through August 12 (call for best days/times)

Location: Campus-wide

Press Contact: Erin Brooks, Media Relations Specialist, 847.925.6159,


Event: New Student Orientation. About 4,000 students will visit Harper's campus for the College's required summer orientation, which includes testing, advising and registration.

Date: Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning June 8 (call for best days and times)

Location: Campus-wide

Press Contact: Erin Brooks, Media Relations Specialist, 847.925.6159,


Event: Educational Foundation Golf Open

Time: 11:30 am Monday, June 14

Location: Inverness Golf Club, 102 N. Roselle Road, Palatine

Press Contact: Erin Brooks, Media Relations Specialist, 847.925.6159,


Event: World Cup viewings and buffets

Time: 1 p.m. Thursday, June 17 and Wednesday, June 23

Location: Student Center, main floor of Building A

Press Contact: Erin Brooks, Media Relations Specialist, 847.925.6159,