New Financial Boot Camp Gets Small Businesses in Shape

Harper College Small Business Adviser Anthony Baldassano had a feeling there might be a host of northwest suburban entrepreneurs coming up healthy in the idea department - but a little out-of-shape in the area of financial management.

His solution: a newly launched Financial Boot Camp geared specifically toward local small businesses.

The unique program, offered by Harper's Small Business Development Center, offers a series of six two-and-a-half-hour workshops focused on all aspects of small business financial management, from keeping financial records and smartly managing cash flow to determining realistic budgets and understanding small business tax issues.

"There are so many people who have great ideas for great businesses, but maybe need a little additional guidance in the financial arena," says Baldassano, a CPA who's overseeing the program and leading the sessions. "We want to help local entrepreneurs connect the dots and actually experience financial success."

Baldassano has worked as a financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company, managed a tax department for a privately held company and served as operations manager for a business startup.

The workshops run from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at the Harper Professional Center, 650 E. Higgins Road, Suite 18N in Schaumburg. The cost is $15 per workshop, or $75 for all six. Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

To register or for more information, call the Small Business Development Center, 847.925.6520.


Workshops are:


Thursday, February 2: Understanding "The Books." Participants will learn to keep the necessary records, set up functional recordkeeping systems and review financial statements.


Thursday, February 9: Using QuickBooks to Successfully Manage Your Business: Attendees will learn to take QuickBooks beyond basic bookkeeping, and get tips for digging into their businesses' numbers to analyze operating results and their impact on the bottom line.


Thursday, February 16: Managing Cash Flow: Your Business' Survival Depends On It: Participants will learn to calculate and accurately project their business' cash flow.


Thursday, February 23: Budgeting and Forecasting for Small Businesses: Attendees will get the scoop on preparing a budget, and will learn to make reasonable, useful financial forecasts.


Thursday, March 1: Tax-Related Issues for Small Businesses: Participants will receive an overview of business reporting and compliance responsibilities, and get small business-focused information regarding payroll taxes, sales tax and income tax.


Thursday, March 8: Funding Your Business for Growth: Participants will learn common and uncommon ways to get the funding needed to fuel growth. Covered topics will include leveraging personal assets and understanding available small business debt sources.


Press Contact: Erin Brooks, Media Relations Manager, 847.925.6159.