New Relationships Book is at Heart of Harper Couples' Course

Making Marriage Work Something as basic as how you roll the toilet paper - and whether it differs from your spouse's method - could signal tumultuous times ahead, according to a new book at the heart of a Harper College seminar series.

The book, written by Harper Educational Foundation Board Member Jerry Campagna and his wife, Phyllis, details potential relationship issues and step-by-step ways to address them head-on.

"It's sometimes the smallest of issues that can create the largest arguments in a relationship," says Jerry Campagna, who built a career as a writer, "and in the end, it usually rolls down to creating an environment of mutual respect."

The Campagnas will lead a three-part couples' workshop in March that focuses on the book's strategies and incorporates interactive exercises with an eye on improving communication and setting goals within relationships.

"Work and family issues can push even the best relationships to the brink," Jerry Campagna says. "We believe our book is the happily-ever-after playbook, and we're looking forward to sharing the lessons we've learned."

The couple based the book on their own realization, formed while trying to run three companies and raise a family, that their lives could only be truly integrated if they got serious about taking time for each other.

The three-day Timeout! workshop, which runs from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays starting March 10, is offered through the College's Continuing Education Department and costs $149 per person.

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