There's a (Harper) App for That

Getting the latest Harper College scoop - from maps of the 200-acre Palatine campus to a full calendar of events and activities - is now as easy as grabbing your mobile device.

A new free app, available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, provides students and community members with real-time access to Harper's online information and features, including a course search, a catalog for Harper's public library, access to the College's photo and video feed, athletics schedules and scores, campus news, a schedule for the Pace buses connecting the community to Harper's campus and links to Harper's social media channels.

A newly rolled-out "Construction" feature also provides updates on any projects underway on the Palatine campus.

The app, which aimed to provide an instant Harper connection for busy students, is accessed about 1,000 times a day.

"It was clear to us that developing an app would be a clear path to better engagement with our students, our future students and community members," says Michael Babb, Director of IT at Harper. "This allows our students to check a class schedule or find a contact number for their professor, and lets everyone navigate our campus easier than ever before, with just a few clicks or swipes on their mobile device."

The app earned a merit award as part of the 27th Annual Higher Education Advertising Awards. It will be expanded to include even more services later this year.

Press Contact: Erin Brooks, Media Relations Manager, 847.925.6159.