Harper Certificate Hits on 2013's Top Tech Job

Mobile app development is predicted to be the top tech job for 2013, and Harper College is launching a new certificate designed to introduce area residents to the industry.

The two-course certificate, comprising an introductory course that begins in January and an advanced course later in the spring, offers a tutorial on the tools and mechanics used to build applications and requires students to design, build and present apps themselves.

It comes on the heels of increased demand for workers in the "app economy" - one that has created nearly 500,000 jobs since its 2007 inception.

"Application development is the next budding frontier of the mobile marketing and social media industry," says instructor Angelos Bravo, who has experience as an IT programmer, project manager and chief information officer and holds a Ph.D. in computer science. "This certificate is a good tool for marketing yourself in the field."

Bravo says the noncredit classes, offered through Harper's Continuing Education Department, provide a solid introduction to the basics of IT and computer science. The certificate program will focus on the development of apps for iPhone and iPad, the largest mobile app providers.

The first course meets Saturday mornings from January 12 to March 16.

For more information on the program, call 847.925.6300 or visit www.harpercollege.edu/ce.

Press Contact: Melanie Krakauer, 847.925.6000, ext. 2561