Harper's campus among the safest

October 5, 2015

Harper College ranks among the safest college campuses in the U.S., according to a recently released report by HomeInsurance.com.

The national online insurance marketplace conducted a study and determined Harper had the 21st safest campus out of more than 400 college campuses surveyed.

Analysts considered data in a 2013 FBI report on the violent and property crimes. The report also took into account the walkability scores of each city in which a campus resides. Harper’s ranking benefited from an absence of violent crime and a low incidence of property crime.

The study looked at institutions that are in accordance with the Clery Act, which requires colleges and universities receiving federal funding to share information about crime on campus and their efforts to improve campus safety.

The full report can be viewed at homeinsurance.com/blog/safest-colleges.

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