eMarketing Certificate

Become an e-commerce pro

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  • Credit hours: 18
  • Stackable to degree: No
  • Potential job outcomes: Marketing associate, social media specialist
  • Format: Online

Develop digital marketing and social media skills with this 18-credit-hour certificate program in e-marketing. This is a great program for individuals interested in seeking entry-level employment in the marketing field, or for people who want to run e-marketing and social media campaigns in their current business.

You’ll take a variety of classes such as business organization, strategic writing for a digital world, Internet marketing, Web foundations, advertising, consumer buyer behavior, Web multimedia and more.

This certificate program is available in an online format only. For more information about online courses at Harper, see the Online Learning website.

Certificate program requirements

This 18 credit-hour certificate program is designed for those interested in obtaining basic social media and internet marketing skills that can be used in any entry-level marketing position, or for individuals who want to run social media marketing campaigns for their business start-ups.

The Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration includes a specialized study area for eMarketing. Please refer to Business Administration in this section of the catalog if you are interested in pursuing a degree in this discipline.


Hours Required:While not a program requirement, it is recommended that students complete ENG101 (Composition) or place into ENG101.

Number Course Title Credits
ENT 154 or

Description: Investigates positives and negatives of entrepreneurship and the process of concept to new venture. Analyzes typical venture errors and focuses on strategic management. Evaluates business ownership and franchising, pricing strategies, financing, location selection and human capital management. Discovers personal leadership traits. Assesses the personal entrepreneurial mindset.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

MGT 111 3

Description: Introduces the nature of business and the environment in which it operates. Forms of business ownership, introduction to operative and facilitating facets of business operation, management, marketing, accounting, statistics, business law, finance, investments, insurance and labor-management relations.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

MKT 180 3

Description: Introduces the fundamental skills needed to develop Web-appropriate written content that can be leveraged for strategic marketing purposes on multiple digital platforms. Evaluates platform requirements and explains the nuances of multimedia writing. Presents techniques to identify success metrics, assess and report content performance and make data-driven recommendations. Recommended preparation: ENG 101 or placement options into ENG 101. ENG_Placement_Grid.pdf

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

MKT 245 3

Description: Focuses on marketing activities that will cover product planning, pricing strategies and promotional efforts including advertising, selling and sales promotions and distribution channel effectiveness.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

MKT 252 3

Description: Presents techniques on how to design, maintain, and market effective digital storefronts. Focuses on communicating, selling, and providing content to Web-based stores and other Internet businesses.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

WEB 110 3

Description: Introduces the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to use the Internet and build basic web pages. Students will learn and understand introductory functions of the web, Internet communications, and project management concepts. Social networking tools and the use of multimedia on the web will be explored. Industry career opportunities will be discussed.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

Electives: Select three credit hours from the following courses:

Number Course Title Credits
MCM 233 3

Description: Explores the history, theory, practice and role of public relations in government, corporate, non-profit, and private organizations. Introduces students to the business and creative aspects of public relations, as well as the complexities of issue management. Students will prepare original public relations campaigns for print, broadcast and electronic media. Familiarizes the student with computer software for desktop publishing. Recommended preparation: computer design experience. IAI MC 913

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

MKT 105 3

Description: Focuses on the strategic marketing process as it is applied to the sports industry. Topics to be investigated include sponsorships, understanding spectators as consumers, and the application of the marketing mix in a sports environment.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

MKT 140 3

Description: Focuses upon the principal factors of successful selling of goods or ideas. Examines buying motives, sales psychology, customer approach and sales techniques.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

MKT 217 3

Description: Purposes of advertising, how advertisements are prepared and delivered in media, and how effectiveness of advertising is measured and evaluated in relation to the selling and marketing process. IAI MC 912

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

MKT 247 3

Description: Reviews and analyzes areas of consumer and organizational buying behavior that guide marketing management decisions. The focus of the course will be directed toward the application of concepts on buying behavior to specific functional areas of marketing management in both the industrial and consumer markets.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

MKT 281 3

Description: Provides work experience in a marketing-related field. Credit is given for participation in a supervised work experience wherein an organized training plan will be followed at a College-approved training station. One lecture hour per week for a seminar devoted to issues dealing with preparation for success in a marketing career.

Prerequisite: MKT 245 and 3 credit hours in MGT or MKT course work, or consent of program coordinator.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

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