COVID Vaccine Requirement

Harper College Health Careers Program Clinical Health Requirements

Harper College partners with healthcare facilities to provide clinical experiences for its students. These facilities prescribe various health requirements for all students who are placed at their clinical sites. Health Careers Program students who intend to participate in the clinical component of any program must submit documentation reflecting their compliance with the following clinical health requirements prior to the deadline established by their program of study:

Proof of health insurance
CPR certification
Proof of absence of TB
Hepatitis B vaccination
MMR vaccination
Tdap vaccination
Varicella vaccination
Annual flu vaccination
COVID vaccination, 
OSHA compliance for prevention of transmission of blood borne pathogens and TB and general HIPAA training.
*Some programs may have additional compliance items such as a physical exam, urine drug screen, a criminal background check or other requirements.  

Unless otherwise indicated, in writing, by a student's assigned clinical site, all of the above health requirements must be met before the student may participate in a clinical rotation.

A student who fails to timely submit documentation reflecting compliance with the clinical health requirements listed above may be unable to participate in the required clinical component of their program in a timely manner, and their graduation may be delayed. Harper College cannot guarantee clinical placements for students who fail to satisfy all clinical health requirements. Inquiries regarding the Health Careers Program clinical health requirements may be directed to Jennifer Smith, Director of Nursing at jsmith5@harpercollege.edu

Last Updated: 5/23/23