Instructor Spotlight

Cynthia Aaronson Photo

Cynthia Aaronson

Cindy holds a degree in Psychology from Indiana University and a Masters in Organization Development from Loyola University. With over 20 years of experience teaching, her approach is highly skill based, and focuses on agreed-upon outcomes to ensure the greatest success for both the individual and the organization. Widely acknowledged as a first-class group facilitator, Cindy likes to focus her talents in three major areas of leadership development: Communication, Management & Supervision, and Teambuilding.

Dr. Sean Bailey Photo

Sean Bailey

Dr. Bailey has a Doctorate in Education and is a highly respected senior researcher, trainer, leadership coach, author, and keynote speaker in private and public sectors. A Certified Professional in Learning Performance (CPLP), with leadership, project management, and strategic planning expertise that values the process of learning and helping others exceed professional expectations. Known for taking complex issues and designing simplified strategic solutions to help others be more productive.

Judy Beaver Photo

Judy Beaver

Judy Beaver has more than 20 years of professional business experience in management and her students give her a 5 star rating. She teaches business communication and software application classes. Author of the article, “Have Your Way with Word,” for OfficePro, the magazine for administrative professionals, she is also the founder of National Proofreading Day. A true advocate for professional advancement opportunities, Judy also serves on the board of directors at the Community Center in Naperville, Illinois. 

Lyndon Beharry Photo

Lyndon Beharry

With more than 35 years in business (insurance and risk management, equity valuation, product costing and optimization) and education, Mr. Beharry offers business analytics and education services; financial and econometric analyses; business strategy reports; and high-end financial engineering/modeling using the Monte Carlo method. He is an experienced instructor of business, economics, finance, several software packages, and other training topics.

Jack Belford Photo

Jack Belford

Jack believes that when leaders, business owners, and salespeople are at their best, their business and quality of life is at its best. As an entrepreneur and small business owner with more than two decades of senior-level leadership at $100M+ companies, Jack offers instructional expertise in developing top performing business leaders. He brings a wealth of sales, service, strategic planning, operations, team building, and leadership experience to his role as a business coach and customized training facilitator.

Frank Bonacci

Frank Bonacci

Frank holds a BA from Rosary College, an MA from DePaul University, a JD from the Chicago-Kent College of Law, and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Frank has decades of teaching experience plus experience in nonprofit development and grant writing. He presents workshops and is a featured speaker nationally in his field. His unique background gives him a big picture viewpoint of Liberal Arts and the detailed analysis that is the hallmark of the law. His approach is client-centered and focused on great outcomes. His passions include motivational speaking, business writing, and leadership development.

Portrait of Vanessa Cabrera

Vanessa Cabrera

Vanessa Cabrera is an award-winning social media marketing strategist, an online marketing consultant, an NLP certified business coach, corporate trainer and a dynamic keynote speaker whose passion is helping others learn how to increase their online visibility. She is always in high demand for her ability to map out money making social media marketing strategies that bring her clients explosive results.

John Chiappettas Photo

John Chiappetta

John Chiappetta is a solutions-driven strategist experienced in managing all aspects of application and vendor management, project management, and Agile Transformation.  Experienced at managing high performance development teams to ensure the delivery and integration of applications to meet business stakeholder’s goals.

Celines Colon Photo

Celines Colon

Celines is an entrepreneurial bilingual and bicultural leader who envisions prosperity, transformation, and service for her clients. Her passion has always been to support individuals and organizations in developing their leadership skills, realizing their purpose, managing the best use of their time and energy, as well as assessing the effectivity of external influences. She has a great passion and ability towards empowering people to break through barriers, fully reach their potential, and finding the leader within.

Chad Eaves Photo

Chad Eaves

Chad focuses on work in leadership and business coaching, team performance, process engineering, and change management. He holds MBA and engineering degrees. Additionally, he works with veterans transitioning out of the service. He’s written three books, numerous articles and he blogs. Chad is also an accomplished and award-winning speaker on topics including leadership, general business and entrepreneurship, multicultural issues and other topics for companies from small to Fortune 500, in Illinois and around the world.

Amber Eckerts Photo

Amber Eckert

Amber Eckert is a seasoned professional and strong advocate for emotional well-being and work/life balance. Amber earned her master's in education from Columbia College and has worked with executives, leadership and front-line staff in supply chain, advertising, social media and entertainment. Amber's greatest accomplishment and joy are her young children, which is affectionately known as the Eckert Baby Farm. To know Amber can be summed up with this quote by Maya Angelou, "People may not remember what you said, but they remember the way you made them feel."

Timothy Gaffney Photo

Timothy Gaffney

Tim’s Industrial Engineering education served him well in his 35-year career in the Engineering and Telecommunications industries. Throughout his career in Project Management, IT, Customer Service, and Operations, he strove to learn how to implement and improve processes to deliver exceptional customer service. Tim enjoys the opportunity to provide training that is helpful to his students and clients in order to enhance, advance, and support business goals and future successes.

Cathy Horwitz Photo

Cathy Horwitz

Cathy is a high-energy trainer with a flair for connecting with adult learners. She received her master's in Business Administration from Loyola University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Northern Illinois University. Along with her broad professional background, she has 30 years of classroom training experience and takes pride in customizing classes by providing realistic business examples that complement training and boost learning.

Ilia Jakel Photo

Ilia Jakel

Ilia Jakel is business professional with 20+ years of expertise leading business development and mentoring rising professionals to develop a pipeline of leaders. A bi-lingual leader in communication with fluency in English and Spanish she has a knack for connecting with people at all levels. A proven customer relationship management expert Ilia’s areas of training expertise include: sales strategies, customer relationship management, process improvement, event management and business analysis and leadership training.

Jennie Johns Photo

Jennie Johns

Jennie is a widely sought-after instructor with skills in layout design, end user experience, and extensive knowledge of web programming which she brings to every customized training class she teaches. Proficient in both Mac and Windows platforms, Jennie teaches 11 different software programs and 8 different computer languages at last count. In addition to teaching, she’s always working on something new to share with her students.

Darrell Katz Photo

Darrell Katz

Darrell has been working with management, government, technology and health care sectors for more than 30 years, creating and delivering custom-designed training solutions that align with organizational needs and performance objectives.  He is a highly sought-after, skilled facilitator, presenter and meeting manager who holds certifications from DDI, MBTI, DiSC and Achieve Forum.

Stephen Kohler - Headshot Photo

Stephen Kohler

Stephen Kohler, is a University of Chicago MBA-trained executive who also holds a BA form Northwestern. With P&L experience he’s led global marketing and strategy departments for several blue chip and industry-leading brands. He designs his sessions to help people find clarity, direction and purpose in their work. Stephen knows what magic can happen when people are all listening and contributing.

Laura Lewis Barr Photo

Laura Lewis-Barr

Laura Lewis-Barr is an Emotional Intelligence certified trainer through 6 seconds (6seconds.org), a certified DDI leadership trainer (Development Dimensions International) and also trains using AchieveForum. Working with manufacturing, non-profits, marketing/advertising groups, and educational institutions in a variety of sectors and levels of personnel, Laura utilizes her graduate training in facilitation to create the most engaging experience possible for her students.

Vijay Muralidarans Photo

Vijay Muralidaran

Vijay Muralidaran is a Management Consultant and a Six Sigma Certified Black Belt who partners with all functional areas of a business delivering the best possible quality and customer experience. He has a proven background in combining the right expertise to drive outstanding financial results, encompassing alignment of strategy at all levels of an organization, and building skills of all employees through his training to unlock their true potential to drive business performance.

Steve Ott Photo

Steve Ott

Steve has a master’s degree in Transformational Leadership from Bethel University and is an expert in Leadership and Culture Development. He has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes, from local non-profits and manufacturers to nation-wide retailers and business solutions providers. Steve has a passion for helping leaders achieve their goals while also building pride in the work culture for all employees. By bringing the entire team together through engaging dialogue and unique training, Steve’s clients have seen impactful changes across the board.

Josh Reeds Photo

Josh Reed

A student of leadership and team building, my goals are simple, touch the lives of those around me in a way that will help them unlock their potential. Achieving senior and executive roles in various companies throughout my career, I quickly realized that with these experiences, I could do more. Building a company that aligns with a servant mentality has allowed me to work with companies from varying industries. Using the methodologies and tactics learned from my experience, and continued education brings a unique look to every client. I believe in continuously growing your skill set as progression, adaptation, and change lead the way to greater results. Tailoring solutions for each client creates cohesiveness and understanding from both parties. By aligning myself with your goals and intentions, I create programs that breathe new life into your team and business.

Dee Reinhardt Photo

Dee Reinhardt

Right-brained. That’s a good description of Dee Reinhardt. When social media advanced into the marketplace, Dee embraced it with great creative passion too. Energetic and gregarious, Dee is a certified social media strategist specializing in digital marketing and LinkedIn for Businesses. If you are looking to plan, create, implement, maintain and/or train staff to market on social media platforms for your business, you’ll want to work with this gifted instructor.

Steven Ritch photo

Steven Ritch

A seasoned instructor and business owner, Steve Ritch combines 25+ years’ of expertise interpreting and understanding manufacturing print reading. With a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois, Steve brings a warm and knowledgeable approach to the classroom. He understands the current manufacturing environment and the importance of improving the skills of employees. Steve also teaches as part of the Harper College Manufacturing Program team.

Chip Rose photo

Chip Rose

With more than 25 years of teaching experience, Chip has authored a wide range of curricula for standard and proprietary software. Personable and compassionate, he makes students feel comfortable enough to participate and interact. His great sense of humor also makes classes comprised of mixed skill levels fun and entertaining. Knowledgeable in Windows and Macintosh environments, he teaches in traditional, instructor-led classroom training, one-on-one coaching and via remote connection as needed.

Marianne Rowe Photo

Marianne Rowe

Marianne is an expert trainer who helps employees at all levels improve their business communication skills. She’s a former corporate vice president and the published author of a business book, in addition to penning several articles for Training Today magazine. Certified to deliver both DDI and Achieve training programs on a wide range of topics including leadership, customer service, and communication skills, she has also developed her own programs for business writing, presentation skills, and effective listening.

Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin

Dave has dedicated his life to adding value to others through the application of proven leadership principles, believing that when you train and develop leaders, you give hope to that individual, business, and community. He has trained internationally with The John Maxwell Team, is a certified Behavioral Analysis Trainer, is the former Executive Director at the Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Chamber of Commerce, is President of Advance Leadership LLC, and has served as board chairman and/or director for several organizations.

Bob Squires Photo

Bob Squires

Bob Squires has over 30 years of progressive experience in both staff and management positions within electronics, assembly, molding, machining and stamping manufacturing environments. With a B.S. in Management, and technical degrees in Electronics and Quality he has successfully assisted manufacturers in the implementation of: 

  • Quality Systems including ISO and QS 9000
  • Safety Programs
  • Project Management Programs for new product introduction
  • Continuous Improvement Programs, including Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing

 Angela Valentine Profile Pic

Angela Valentine

Angela Valentine is a Google Certified trainer who holds a B.A. in Management and HR as well as an MBA. With Computer Information Systems and business management in her background, she was a corporate trainer for a global telecommunications company for 15+ years. A G-Suite trainer and an expert in developing, customizing and delivering training, she is also a conference speaker and author passionate about technology and sharing her knowledge.


Last Updated: 4/14/23