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Basic Blueprint Reading for Manufacturing

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This Basic Blueprint Reading course is for individuals in need of skill enhancement in this topic. Topics covered include dimensioning, tolerances, types of lines, auxiliary views, section views, title block, and symbols. Lecture will be supplemented with individual class exercises to provide actual practice for participants. This course will enable participants to interpret elementary drawings.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and draw lines, including object, hidden, center, extension, dimension, phantom and break lines
  • Understand notes, print layout and engineering revisions.
  • Understand tolerances: unilateral, bilateral, equilateral.
  • Understand scale and material specifications.
  • Understand dimensions, including dual, chain, coordinate, and angular dimensioning.
  • Understand and draw views including: One-view, two-view, three-view and auxiliary views.
  • Understand holes, countersinks, counterbores, and chamfers including: methods of predicting holes, dimensioning of hole features, counterbores and spotfaces, and chamfers.
  • Understand threads, thread specifications and metric threads.
  • Understand Section Views including: Purpose of section views; cutting planes and plane lines; full,  half, partial and broken sections

Length: 12 hours



Last Updated: 6/17/24