Harper College

IM Sport Official Rules

3v3 Basketball League

Game Format

  1. Teams will consist of no more than 4 players, and no less than three players.
  2. Each contest will be the best two out of three games played. The first two games are 15 minutes or the first team to score 21 points. Teams must win by 2 points with a cap at 24 points. If a third game is necessary, it shall be played to 15 points or 10 minutes. Teams must win by 2 points with a cap at 18 points. There will be a 1-minute break between games, and each team will be given one 30 second timeout for each game. Unused timeouts do not carry over.
  3. The student or professional staff has the authority to eject players, coaches, and/or spectators from the playing area or building for abusing the rules and/or any unsportsmanlike behavior.
  4. Teams are expected to be ready to play at their scheduled time. Clock will start at game time.
  5. Teams with less than three players will be a given a five-minute leeway. A forfeit will then be assessed to teams with less than three players.

Game Rules

  1. The game clock will be stopped for all injuries
  2. Points will be scored by 2 and 3 pointers.
  3. Rock, paper, scissors will be done before each game to determine who gets the first possession.
  4. Possession will change after each made basket (not “make it take it”)
  5. The “check line” shall be the three-point line. After each change of possession, including air balls, steals, etc., a player must clear the ball across the check line in order to advance the ball to score.
  6. If a team scores without the ball crossing the “check line”, this is a violation, and the ball is awarded to the other team and the points will not count
  7. The offensive player calls all fouls. If an agreement cannot be reached, the staff member at your court has the authority to make the final decision and to enforce the rules and regulations governing 3 on 3 basketball.
  8. All fouls will be counted as team fouls. If a foul is committed, the offensive team will check the ball up and restart the possession. Once a team has reached 6 team fouls, the offensive player who was fouled gets to shoot one free throw AND their team maintains possession after.
  9. If a foul occurs while a player is in the act of shooting and the basket is made, then there is no foul and the basket will count

Injured Player(s) Policy

If someone on your team becomes injured, please contact the Intramural Program staff at zr07287@harpercollege.edu or 847-925-6743 at least 24 hours before your next scheduled game to inquire about replacing the injured player on your team.

Last Updated: 12/19/23