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Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers will help you achieve your fitness goals and get results! Our goal is to provide you with safe, effective, science-based programming along with exceptional service and continuous support. During your scheduled sessions your trainer will work with you to perfect your form and provide you with educational and motivational feedback to help you reach your goals.

Our personal trainers are uniquely talented and knowledgeable in many areas including: general fitness, lifestyle changes, weight reduction, stress management, sports training, senior fitness as well as those with health conditions. Their diverse backgrounds and educational experiences have prepared them to serve you and help you meet your personal goals.

You and your personal trainer will work together to establish your training frequency and length, which is based on your goals. Some clients wish to train once per week while others may want to train two or more times per week for increased health benefits. Our training sessions are 30 or 60-minutes in length. Longer sessions allow for more instruction, learning time and emphasis on the exercises.

Students, members and non-members can choose training sessions or packages that fit their personal goals. We offer 30 and 60-minute personal training sessions. Sessions are scheduled based on the availability of the client and trainer. We also offer duet, trio and small group training sessions.

Getting Started

  1. Complete a Personal Training Request Form available at the Welcome or Fitness Center Desk (online version) and return to the attendant. A welcome letter and a health history questionnaire will be given to you at that time.
  2. Clients will be contacted within 2–3 business days by the Assistant Director of Programs to schedule an initial consultation and review your completed health history questionnaire.
  3. Your initial consultation will include a review of your health history questionnaire, personal fitness goals and personal trainer/schedule preferences. Following this consultation, a personal trainer will contact you in 2–3 days to set up your first session.
  4. Purchase your personal training sessions/package at the Welcome Desk prior to your first personal training session.

Please Note: Should it be determined that you require physician approval, you will be asked sign a medical clearance form that will be faxed to your physician. The completed form must be returned to us before your personal training sessions begin.

Individual Sessions and Packages

Packages Student Rate Member Rate Non-MemberRate
1/2 Hour 1 Hour 1/2 Hour 1Hour 1/2 Hour 1 Hour
1 Session $16 $30 $26 $50 $36 $60
Pack of 5 $80 $150 $124 $235 $174 $285
Pack of 10 $160 $300 $240 $460 $340 $560
Pack of 20 NA NA $445 $850 $645 $1,050

Small Group Packages (1 hour only)

Packages Student Rate Member Rate Non-Member Rate
Pack of 5 Pack of 10 Pack of 5 Pack of 10 Pack of 5 Pack of 10
Duet $100 $200 $160 $310 $210 $410
Trio NA NA $130 $240 $180 $340
4–6 People NA NA $110 $200 $160 $300

Personal Training Policies

Length of Sessions: One-hour sessions will include 55-minutes of exercise programming and 30-minute sessions will include 25-minutes of exercise programming. The remaining time will be used as needed to answer questions, review skills and confirm next appointment.

Personal Training Cancellation Policy: To cancel an appointment, contact the personal trainer directly, at least 4 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the session.

Duet, Trio and Group Training Cancellation Policy: In the event that one partner(s) is not able to make a scheduled appointment, there are two options available: (1) reschedule the group appointment for an alternate day/time at least 24 hours in advance OR (2) keep the regularly scheduled appointment and all partner(s) will be billed for the appointment regardless of attendance.

Late Policy: Personal trainers will still honor the appointment in the event a client is late; however, sessions that begin late will end at the originally scheduled end time.

Expiration Policy: All personal training sessions/packages expire one year from date of purchase.

Refund Policy: All sessions/packages are non-refundable, unless a medical issue, verified by a written note from a licensed practitioner is submitted.

If dissatisfied with a trainer or trainer’s services, a client may request a replacement trainer through the personal trainer facilitator.

For more information, please contact Laura Crisman at lcrisman@harpercollege.edu or 847.925.6802.

Last Updated: 5/28/24