Harper College

Mind and Body

Our mind and body sessions emphasize total health and provide both physical and psychological well-being. We offer meditation, yoga and balance work that will help you calm your mind and invigorate your body. Campus Recreation wants you to make an active commitment to staying or becoming well with our on demand mind body experiences.


15 Minute Peaceful Mountain Meditation

15 Minute Meditation for Anxiety

5 Minute Meditation

4 Minute Meditation for Better Breathing

2 Minute Breathing Meditation


Synchronized poses along with breath work are sure to enhance circulation, flexibility, stamina, strength, balance and inner calm. (All Levels)

55 Minute Yoga with Cat

15 Minute Yoga to Relieve Stress

10 Minute Sun Salutation Variations

5 Minute Sun Salutations for Beginners

Move, Manipulate and Meditate (Body Flow/Restorative Movement)

Move and manipulate your body through the practice of natural restorative movements. Natural movements challenge your body to stretch, lengthen and strengthen like never before. Mindfulness and meditation techniques are utilized to restore and enhance mental clarity and focus. No equipment necessary. (All Levels)

60 Minute September 17, 2020

60 Minute September 10, 2020

60 Minute August, 27, 2020

60 Minutes July 23, 2020

60 Minutes July 16, 2020

60 Minutes July 9, 2020

60 Minutes May 14, 2020

Balance Work

3 Minute Balance Practice

Note: When beginning any new exercise program, check with your physician first. Participants should listen to their bodies, work at their own pace and cease any exercise that causes pain to reduce and avoid injury. By performing any of the suggested exercises, you are performing them at your own risk and Harper College will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you may sustain as a result of the online fitness videos, information shared on our website, in emails, and through social media. Thank you for your understanding.

Last Updated: 5/28/24