Career Experience Courses

Do you know your career path? Have you chosen a major? Are you sure you will like your choice?Student in Makerspace Are you undecided? Check out Harper’s Career Experience classes as you complete your academic journey into your career.

Harper College Career Experience classes are a real-world job boot camp for your career journey. As you gain plenty of knowledge and skills in your traditional classes, you can put that understanding into action in the Career Experience environment. It's leveling up your game of professional development. You'll be tackling actual projects, solving real world problems, and soaking up experience from industry professionals.

Career Experience classes are not just about what you gain — they're about what you give, too. You bring fresh perspectives, creative ideas, and a dose of youthful energy to the table.

Are you up for hands-on adventures that combine learning, networking, and making a real impact? Our career experiential programs are for you. Turn theory into reality and pave your path to success, one project at a time.

Opportunities are available both on-site and virtually. First semester students are encouraged to enroll in any classes without prerequisites.


Late Start, 13 Week, Online Class
A collection of uniquely curated virtual work experiences where students develop and apply valuable global business skills that replicate an employee's real work day. Join the creative team at Lululemon. Step into the shoes of a Red Bull sales specialist. Connect with some of the world's leading companies and brands. This virtual internship is highly recommended for those in early career exploration, or simply as an opportunity to immerse yourself in several exciting careers.

Late Start, 13 Week, Online Class
In this project based experience, students will be working with the IDEAShop (Harper’s Makerspace and Entrepreneur Center) to fundraise and procure 3D Printed Toys for Tots from the community. Students can also utilize this internship to manage social media marketing for a real organization. Some in person time may be required.

Late Start, 13 Week, Online Class
Similar to the Jordan and Iraq challenge, the focus of this experiential course is on Costa Rica. Work with groups from the US and Costa Rica to develop your entrepreneurial mindset through design thinking by creating UN Sustainability solutions. Attend online meetings at least once a week based on time zone considerations.

Late Start, 13 Week, Online Class
Develop your entrepreneurial mindset through design thinking by creating solutions based on UN Sustainability Goals. Work together with a team from Iraq or Jordan and develop your international communication skills. Develop your cultural competency and collaboration skills, strengthen your problem solving skills, become an aware global citizen and improve your job readiness! Attend online morning meetings at least once a week Monday-Thursday based on time zone considerations.

Last Updated: 9/1/23