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AutoCAD Designer

AutoCAD Designer digital badge earners are able to create basic 2D drawings using drawing and editing tools. Participants have learned how to enhance productivity with CAD Management tools and customize the AutoCAD interface. Badge earners understand the methods and concepts of 3D modeling and how to present designs while they are still being created using visualization tools and walk-throughs.

Prerequisite: Experience with drafting concepts, using a computer, and Windows operating system recommended.

Program objectives:

  • Create basic 2D drawings using drawing and editing tools
  • Organize drawing objects on layers
  • Output and publish files for review
  • Work with collaboration and automation tools
  • Manage Layers
  • Use macros and custom routines
  • Create and work with 3D objects
  • Create 2D drawings from 3D models

Required Courses

Covers the creation of basic 2D drawings using drawing and editing tools, organization of drawing objects on layers, addition of text and basic dimensions, preparation for plotting and more sophisticated techniques for drawing setup and productivity. Designed for new users of AutoCAD software.

Builds on the basic concepts of the AutoCAD Essentials course. Helps improve productivity when creating, annotating and printing drawings with AutoCAD. Subjects include boundaries, regions, templates, dimensioning, annotation, blocks, layouts, views, sheet sets, tables and an introduction to 3D models. PREREQUISITES: AutoCAD Essentials course recommended.

Covers the creation of 3D models to help visualize and present designs. Includes visual styles, model walk-throughs, materials, lighting, and electronic distribution. Students will need some experience using AutoCAD software prior to enrollment. 

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