MCSA: Web Applications

Gain the skills needed to deliver web applications and services using Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. Harper’s MCSA: Web Applications digital badge courses will teach you the skills to develop high-quality web solutions and robust web applications. Prove your skills and build your future. Demonstrate your competency and expertise creating modern web applications.

Required courses

Learn the programming skills required for developers to create Windows applications using the C# language. You will study the basics of C# program structure, language syntax, and implementation detail, and building an application that incorporates features of the .NET framework. Discover techniques and technologies employed by modern desktop and enterprise applications including: Building new data types, handling events, programming the user interface, accessing the database, using remote data, performing operations asynchronously, integrating with unmanaged code, creating custom attributes, encrypting and decrypting data. This course helps prepare you to sit for the Microsoft certification exam 70-483.


Provides knowledge and skills required to develop advanced ASP.NET MVC applications using .NET Framework tools and technologies. Learns how to use code to enhance performance and scalability of web applications. Prepares for Microsoft certification exam 70-486.


Last Updated: 9/28/22