Tableau Desktop

Tableau offers tools to connect to and transform massive amounts of data into visualizations, dashboards and interactive worksheets.

 Learn how to identify and configure basic functions of Tableau. Create views and customize data visualizations. Create maps, dashboards, and stories. This course is intended for individuals using desktop or web-based data management tools to perform numerical data analysis. Experience using Excel and an understanding of database design concepts is recommended.

Course Outline

Identify and configure basic functions of Tableau.

Connect to data sources, import data into Tableau, and save Tableau files.

Create views and customize data in visualizations.

Manage, sort, and group data.

Save and share data sources and workbooks.

Filter data in views.

Customize visualizations with annotations, highlights, and advanced features.

Create maps, dashboards, and stories.


Report on data insights and trends with Tableau. Learn to manipulate data with calculations to show insights, make visualizations interactive and perform statistical analysis. Learn to enrich visualization with advanced calculations and showcase data insights from statistical analysis. Recommended preparation: Tableau Desktop I or equivalent experience.

Course Outline

Blend data to visualize relationships.

Join data.

Access data in PDFs.

Refine visualizations with sets and parameters.

Manipulate data with calculations.

Visualize data with advanced calculations.

Perform statistical analysis and forecasting.

Enrich visualizations, dashboards, and maps.


Last Updated: 3/10/23