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Whether you're interested in a career in solar energy, cybersecurity in Smart Energy, or sales in the PV industry, Harper College can help you get started. Our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program offers a variety of courses on sustainability, renewable energy, and other environmental topics. These courses can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this growing field. To get started, find courses on our Open Class List or visit the How to Register page.

Course Descriptions

With the growth of the Internet of Things, cybersecurity is a vital requirement for the safe, reliable and secure operation of these devices. Explore the purpose of cybersecurity, threats and protections. Analyze and apply cybersecurity principles in the context of Smart Energy / Distributed Energy Resources (DER). 

Focus on important technical considerations for photovoltaic sales professionals, including financial analysis and system financing. Through insightful presentations and instruction from experts working in the field, the course covers technical details needed to assess potential residential PV sites and to create and present accurate sales proposals. This course is geared toward students who are interested in, or who already are working in, the business or sales side of the residential PV industry and are looking to improve their knowledge and sales techniques or are working toward the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification.

Prepare for the NABCEP Associate Exam, an industry-recognized credential for solar professionals. Explore photovoltaic applications, safety, electricity basics, solar energy, system components, as well as photovoltaic systems electrical and mechanical design. Examine key topics for certification preparation and gain an in-depth introduction to the field of solar energy.

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Funding Opportunities

Some CPE courses may be eligible for grants and scholarships on a limited basis. We encourage you to apply for funding to learn more about options that may be available to you. To apply, please complete the Scholarship Application form.

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