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Python Programming

Python Programming badge earners understand the benefits and usefulness of Python and have discovered more complex and applied areas of Python programming. Participants have learned how to use this knowledge to work with data structures, develop custom scripts, process data, create GUI applications, and distribute work as portable exe files.
Prerequisite: No previous Python experience is required, but some programming familiarity may be useful.
Program objectives:

  • Define, implement, and invoke functions
  • Import and invoke internal library functions
  • Interact with the operating system from Python
  • Perform string operations and comparisons
  • Create, read, and write files from Python
  • Utilize dynamic arguments
  • Apply regular expressions for pattern matching
  • Send emails from Python
  • Understand with object oriented design
  • Launch GUI windows using the tkinter library

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Required courses

Establishes knowledge to become sufficient as a beginner Python programmer. Identifies the benefits and usefulness of Python, including excellent readability and uncluttered simple-to-learn syntax which helps beginners to utilize this programming language. Prefer attendees have basic programming experience.

Explores complex areas of Python programming. Discovers how to use this knowledge to work with data structures, develop custom scripts, GUI applications and portable exe programs.

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