Student Development Division

We're here for you.

College can be a positive and enriching experience for students of all ages and backgrounds. Student Development at Harper College wants every student to achieve success in his/her college endeavor and to have the opportunity to grow both in and out of the classroom. A key part of this involves recognizing unique talents and developing them into strengths. Our programs and services are designed toward this end. 

The Student Development Division offers comprehensive services, credit courses, and special programs to support student success.

The Academic Advising and Counseling Services in Stu Dev A and Stu Dev I offer academic advising and counseling to currently or previously enrolled students. Services include assistance with educational planning, career decision-making, learning about Areas of Interest, as well as academic and personal issues. Specialized services for students in academic difficulty are also available. 

Access and Disability Services provides support services and reasonable accommodations to students who are deaf/hard of hearing, learning disabled, blind, visually impaired, have psychological disabilities, serious chronic illness or are physically disabled. Services include academic accommodations and access to assistive technology.

The Center for New Students and Orientation provides new students with the information they need to get started and be successful.

Counseling Services supports the academic success and personal well-being of students. Our team consists of a clinical psychologist and doctoral level psychologists in training. Services are available to currently enrolled students taking six or more degree credit or ESL hours in fall or spring semester and three or more hours in summer term. Services include assessment and referral to appropriate on- or off-campus resources, brief therapy, crisis interventions, and wellness programming.

One Million Degrees is a competitive scholarship program supporting low-income students to succeed academically, professionally and socially. OMD Scholars receive tutoring, professional development seminars, professional coaching and career-related activities.

The Rita and John Canning Women’s Program provides grant-funded support services to low income individuals who are also one of the following: a single parent; a separated, divorced or widowed woman; a married woman whose spouse is unemployed or disabled; a non-traditional career-seeker; a woman with limited English skills; or a woman who has experienced intimate partner abuse.