Donor Sponsored Scholarships

Many scholarships are available to award, even if they are not listed on our website. Start by completing the general application and you could be matched to receive a scholarship. Start today by completing the GENERAL APPLICATION.

The Harper College Educational Foundation provides funding for more than 170 scholarships thanks to the generosity of Harper College donors and alumni. These scholarships are awarded based on the detail and quality of your essays, and the scholarship's criteria. Scholarships open on March 1 for the following Fall & Spring semester.

Criteria for each scholarship varies and has been established by the sponsor. Examples of scholarship criteria include: financial need, residency, enrollment status (e.g., full-time: 12 or more hours; part-time: 6-11 hours), grade-point average, earned college credit, or pursuit of particular college majors. Regardless of citizenship status, we encourage all students to apply for scholarships.


These scholarships are awarded based on your:

• Harper GPA
• Recommendation Letters
• Extra-curricular Activities
• Community Service

Need (Over 50 scholarships):
These are awarded based on your financial ability to pay for college.

Area of Interest:

Many scholarships are available to students in certain academic areas, including:

Computer Science
Continuing Education
Criminal Justice
Dental Hygiene
Electronics Technology
English As A Second Language
Fashion Design
Health Education/Kinesiology
High School Equivalency
Radiologic Technology
Speech Team
Study Abroad

Scholarship Recipients Receive:

• Money for their tuition, fees, and/or books
• Invitations to private Foundation events
• Opportunity to join the Scholarship Ambassador program

These events provide you the opportunity to meet, network and personally thank your scholarship donor.

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  • March 1 - scholarships open for the upcoming academic year
  • Early April – fall semester scholarships for students with prior credit close
  • Early July – fall semester scholarships for new students close
  • Mid October – spring semester scholarships close (nursing, art, speech and study abroad are awarded

Tips for Applying for Scholarships

  • Start early. Scholarships close towards the end of the semester, and many students get busy with finals.
  • Apply for as many scholarships as possible.
  • Look for scholarships in your program of study. These scholarships tend to get the least number of applicants.
  • Before sending your requests for recommendations, ask the people if they will write you a recommendation.
  • Be detailed and polished in your essay. Visit the Writing Center in Building F, Room F110 if you want a second opinion.

Expectations and Opportunities for Donor Sponsored Scholarship Recipients

Expectations and Opportunities for Donor Sponsored Scholarship Recipients

  • Attend a Scholarship Orientation, the Valentine's Day Card Signing Event, and the Scholarship Brunch. Fill out the thank you portion of your application. Be available to meet with your scholarship donor if requested.

What is a Donor Sponsored Scholarship?
This scholarship was given to the Harper College Educational Foundation by a donor. These donors are interested to learn who received their scholarship, and it is important we thank our donors for their generosity.

Will this scholarship affect my other financial aid?
Harper College uses the annual Cost of Attendance and the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA to determine financial need FAFSA. Your scholarship is included into your overall award package, and it may affect other financial aid eligibility. The Donor Sponsored Scholarships are intended to decrease your cost of college. Most Donor Sponsored Scholarships are available for all Harper College Students regardless of citizen status.

What requirements must I do to maintain my scholarship?
You must enroll in the semester you were awarded the scholarship, or it will go to an alternate student. Filling out the thank you note portion on Academic Works is required. It is also mandatory to attend a Scholarship Orientation. We expect to see you at the Valentine’s Day Card signing for 15 minutes in January, and at the Scholarship Brunch scheduled for April.

Are there scholarships available for when a student transfers to their 4 year college or university?
Yes, there are several Harper College Donor Sponsored Scholarships that can be applied to your tuition at your transfer 4 year college or university. Search the word ‘transfer’ to see these opportunities in Academic Works, the database for Donor Sponsor Scholarships. The website address is

Can I receive more than one scholarship?
We make every effort to spread the scholarships among as many students as possible. However, occasionally students receive more than one scholarship.

Do I have to do a new online Scholarship Application each year to be considered for Donor Sponsored Scholarships?
Yes, updating your General Application when the Donor Sponsored Scholarship opens for a new academic year makes you eligible for the next year of scholarships.

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Last Updated: 6/8/22