Grade Forgiveness Policy

The Forgiveness Policy allows a cumulative grade point average to be computed without the inclusion of specific previously earned F grades. This policy does not eliminate the F grades from the permanent record. Other colleges may add the F grade(s) back into the student’s cumulative grade point average to determine transfer admission.

Forgiven classes

  • do not count in attempted hours
  • remain on the transcript
  • are not counted in cumulative G.P.A.


To be eligible to petition for grade point average forgiveness, a student must:

1. Show a positive change in academic accomplishment upon returning to school after an absence from academic pursuits; OR succeed in a second program of study after having failed courses in a first program of study. 


2. Earn a minimum of 12 semester hours of C or better in courses numbered 100 level or above after the term when the F grade(s) occurred. The 12 semester hours may be earned from Harper College or another accredited college or university. 

Procedures for Student to Follow

Step 1. Meet with a academic advisor to discuss eligibility to petition and benefits of forgiveness policy. If you are eligible to petition and can benefit, proceed to step two. If not, discontinue process.

Step 2. Student completes the Petition for Grade Forgiveness form below. Submit one form per class. The form is submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Step 3. The Registrar’s Office will forward your petition(s) to appropriate faculty member(s) for consideration (or the department chair if faculty member is no longer with the College). The faculty member judges whether item #1 in the eligibility statement has been satisfied. You may be asked to provide additional documentation. If approved, continue to step four. If not approved, discontinue the petition process for that course.

Step 4. Faculty presents your petition to the division dean for approval  The dean’s office will forward to the Registrar’s Office for processing. You will receive a copy of the processed petition and an updated transcript within one week of approval.


Last Updated: 7/20/22