e-Cashier Payment Plan

An easier way to pay for college classes.

What is e-Cashier?

  • Automatic monthly payments
  • No interest or finance charges
  • No qualifying or credit search
  • Secure online transactions

Electronic Payment Methods

  • Checking or savings account
  • Debit card
  • Credit card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover)


  • If you choose automatic monthly payments there is a $35 per semester, non-refundable, enrollment fee.

Log in to MyHarper Portal. Select the Finances icon, then select Set Up Payment Plan icon.

For additional information click here.

Please verify the accuracy of the amounts when you are setting up your plan. The amounts provided will show the amount of your actual expenses and any tuition reductions for the courses you are enrolled in at this time.

If the amount is incorrect, do not sign up for a payment plan until it is corrected.  Otherwise it will take your down payment based on that incorrect data and the changes will be made to your future payments.

If it is showing the out-of-district rates, but it should be the in-district rates, your down payment will be taken at the higher rate.  You can either wait to sign up for a plan until it gets corrected or sign up at the higher rate. If you pay the down payment at the higher rate, the future payments will be lower when your balance is corrected.

Be aware of your personalized due date if you decide to wait.  If you do not have your plan set up prior to the expiration of your personalized due date, your registration will be removed.

Updates to the payment plan balance are not automatic. If you recently added or dropped a course it might not have been updated yet.  Updates to payment plans are completed a couple times a week.  If you had financial aid authorized on your account the payment plan will be updated to show what will be left over after aid is disbursed. 

To check your current payment plan balance go to www.mypaymentplan.com.  You will need to register your payment plan in order to view your balance.

If there are any fees that remain unsettled from a past payment plan, students will be required to pay those outstanding fees before they will be eligible to register for any new payment plans.

Any attempt to register for a new payment plan without paying all unsettled fees will result in an error message.  The message will detail any unsettled fees and provide directions for where and how to pay them.  Students may also contact eCashier at 800.609.8056 to investigate any issues.

A payment becomes unresolved when you have missed a scheduled payment three times.  An unresolved payment can no longer be paid through the payment plan.  To fix an unresolved payment, the student will have to make payment directly to Harper College, online or in person, for the unresolved payment.  A payment plan can become inactive when the billing information is invalid.  To correct this, the student will need to update their billing information with e-Cashier.  If a payment plan has an unresolved balance, or becomes inactive, a hold will be placed on the student account until the problem has been rectified.

For more information contact the Business Office by phone at 847.925.6880 or in person, A214, Monday through Thursday 8am to 5pm and Friday 8am to 4:30pm.

There are two ways to update information on your payment plan.  Students can call eCashier directly at 800.609.8056. Students can also can register payment plan online at www.mypaymentplan.com.  When registering your payment plan online, you will select 'Account Setup' and create your own username and password.  For verification, by phone or online, you will need your Agreement Number, Access Code, and Institutional ID located in the Confirmation Notification email that was issued when the payment plan was established.

Students can update a credit/debit card to a new card, or a checking/savings account to a new bank account.  Changes to billing require the new payment source be the same type of billing source originally established with the payment plan.  It is not possible to switch from a bank account to a credit card or vice versa.

Personal information and new contact information can be updated, as well.