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Igniting Paths to Success Scholarship

Igniting Paths to Success Scholarship is one of our Donor Sponsored Scholarships awarded through the Educational Foundation. The Igniting Paths to Success Scholarship is an academic year scholarship that will be applied to students' account and includes a book voucher. Students must meet the scholarship criteria to remain eligible for the spring semester.

Ignite Eligibility

Students who applied to the General Scholarship Application and met the criteria below were selected for this scholarship.

  • New and returning students with financial need, who are working toward a degree or certificate program.
  • Must be enrolled full or part-time (at least 6 credit hours in fall and spring, some exceptions for limited Enrollment and Fast Track students).
  • Limited to Harper in-district and Business EdVantage students.
  • Preference given to underrepresented/minority students.*
  • Open to students in all academic areas.
    • Preference may be given to newly enrolled students pursuing these academic fields: Health Careers, Career and Technical Programs, STEM, or Business/Entrepreneurship Programs.
*Underrepresented/minority students is identified per Illinois Statue: Pursuant to Section 9.16 of the Board of Higher Education Act, "underrepresented" citizens or resident aliens are defined as persons who are minoirities, including African American, Hispanic, Asian American, American Indian or Alaskan Native, women, persons with disabilities, and students identified as first-generation college participants.


  • Students will be awarded up to $2,450 to their student account for tuition and fees and a $550 book voucher at the Harper Bookstore for fall 2023 semester.
  • Students must meet the Ignite criteria below to have the scholarship renewed for Spring 2024.
  • If a student does not meet the criteria, the scholarship and book voucher will be removed for Spring 2024.
  • The Ignite scholarship will only apply to in-district tuition. Expenses incurred over the maximum allocation are covered by the student.
  • The scholarship is not refundable to students or transferable. The scholarship cannot rollover to another academic year and must be used during the academic year it is awarded.

Ignite Scholarship Orientation

Students who register for Orientation will receive a link to the virtual meeting a week before the event. This is a mandatory Virtual Orientation covering:

    • Scholarship requirements
    • Renewal criteria for Spring 2024
    • Any questions about the scholarship

If you are not available during the scheduled sessions due to work or class schedule, you still need to fill out the registration form and select the option stating "I work/have class during the mandatory scholarship orientation" in the registration options. You will be contacted by email to schedule your Scholarship Orientation at a different time. It is the student's responsibility to complete the requirements of their scholarship. If you have any questions, please email scholars@harpercollege.edu.

Ignite Criteria for Spring 2024 Renewal

Students must meet all the criteria below to have their scholarship renewed for Spring 2024. Students will receive an email at the beginning of January about their spring eligibility.

  • Maintain a minimum semester GPA of 2.0. Semester GPA will be checked when grades are posted at the end of fall semester.
  • Have an academic plan on file and meet with an academic advisor in the summer or fall semester by Wednesday, November 15. Academic plan verification is based on proof of academic advisor visit.
  • Enroll and successfully complete a minimum of 6 credit hours (exceptions made for Limited Enrollment or Fast Track students).
    • Students with an F grade will not have those credits count towards their completion credits for the Ignite criteria. Based on Harper handbook policies under satisfactory academic progress: Successfully completed credit hours include the following grades: A, B, C, D, AR, BR, CR, DR, P and PR
    • Repeated courses that are passed with a D or better will count toward the completed credits. Repeated coursework will only count toward the Ignite scholarship criteria if the student has not successfully completed the course in the past.  
    • Students enrolled in a Fast Track program or Limited Enrollment program must follow their academic plan with their advisor. These students will still be eligible for the scholarship if they are enrolled in less than 6 credit hours. However, they still must complete the credit hours they enrolled in to renew their scholarship for Spring 2024.

Failure to meet the criteria will result in the scholarship and book voucher being removed from the student’s account. No appeals.

Who to Contact

Advising – If you have advising questions please contact Advising. New students call 847.925.6208. Current students call 847.925.6220.

Book voucher – If you have questions about your bookstore voucher or if you have issues purchasing items online, please go to the Harper Bookstore (Building L) or call 847.925.6275.

Eligibility – If you have questions about your scholarship eligibility, please email the Educational Foundation Scholarships at scholars@harpercollege.edu

Registration – If you need help registering for classes, please contact One Stop at 847.925.6710.

  • Students will have a $550 book voucher set up on their account with the Harper Bookstore.
  • Students can purchase books and required materials needed for their class (nursing kits, art kits, etc.) using their book voucher. Students cannot purchase office supplies, electronics, or other materials not required for class.
  • The last day to use your fall 2023 book voucher is Friday, November 3, 2023.
  • The last day to use your spring 2024 book voucher is Friday, March 29, 2024.
  • To use the book voucher at the Harper Bookstore, notify the cashier during check-out that you have an Ignite book voucher. The cashier will apply your book voucher to your purchases. Expenses incurred over the maximum allocation are the responsibility of the student.
  • If you would like to use your book voucher online. Please visit the Harper Bookstore website here. During the checkout process, you will select “book voucher” and enter your Harper ID number but omit the “H0”. Example: If your Harper ID number is H00123456 you will type 0123456.
  • Harper Bookstore is located in Building L. Store hours can be found here.


What can I purchase with my book voucher?
Students can purchase books and required materials needed for their class (nursing kits, art kits, etc.) using their book vouchers. You cannot purchase any office supplies, electronics, or items not required for class. If you have a question about an item, please contact the Harper Bookstore.

Where can I use my book voucher?
Your book voucher can only be used at the Harper Bookstore. You cannot use your book voucher at any other third-party website or location.  

Can I use any leftover book voucher funds for tuition or for books next year?
No, the book voucher cannot be used for tuition or fees. The book voucher is not refundable, and it will not roll over for any future semesters.

I already purchased my books; can I be refunded?
If you purchased your books at the Harper Bookstore, please visit the Harper Bookstore to inquire about a refund.
If you purchased your books at a third-party website, you cannot be refunded. Please contact the third-party website to ask about their refund policy.

I am having issues using my book voucher online, what should I do?
Please make sure you are entering your Harper ID correctly. The instructions direct you to omit the “H0” when typing your Harper ID number. If you are still having issues, please contact the Harper Bookstore at 847.925.6275 or visit them in Building L.


I cannot meet the 6 credit hour requirement. Can I still use the scholarship if I am not enrolled in 6 credit hours?
Unless you are in a Limited Enrollment or Fast Track program, you must take 6 credit hours in order to receive the scholarship. Your scholarship will not be disbursed if you are not enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours. Students that are in Fast Track or Limited Enrollment programs must follow their academic plan.

I was in-district fall semester, but am now out-of-district spring semester. Will I still be able to keep my Ignite scholarship for spring semester?
Yes, but only in-district tuition will be paid using your Ignite Scholarship. The student will be responsible for paying the remaining cost of out-of-district tuition. You can qualify for in-district tuition if you work in-district by filling out a Business EdVantage form or if you have a Joint Agreement from your community college.

Can I receive the Ignite scholarship for a second year?
The scholarship is not renewable and will only be awarded for one academic year (fall and spring). However, you can apply for other donor-sponsored scholarships at our website. The application opens on March 1st for the following year.

Will Ignite be awarded in the summer semester?
No, the scholarship is awarded only for fall and spring semester.

I have a question that is not on this website, who do I contact?
Please email Donor Sponsored Scholarships at scholars@harpercollege.edu. They will answer your question or direct you to the correct department.



Last Updated: 12/14/23